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Allie's New Pair Of Jeans

"I want your honest opinion, Steve," Allie said, twirling around in front of him, letting him see her muscular, slim legs, curvy ass, all contained in a pair of new and tight-fitting blue denim jeans. Steve didn't respond immediately, taking in the way she looked. Sleek, in her long-sleeved white, silk blouse, her auburn hair up in a tight bun, her chocolate brown eyes were wide while she awaited his answer. Still, he couldn't think of anything to say. Nothing except the fact that he was going to fuck her. Soon. Now.

"Tell me, Stevie," Allie urged, tilting her head to look past him at her own reflection in the long-view mirror. "I mean, what do you think about my new jeans?"

Steve remained silent. He took one step toward her in a small space and took hold of her hand. His fingers slid upward to close firmly around her wrist. Something about the way Steve moved made Allie lose her mindset of where she was, of what she was doing.

"Come here," he said. Allie closed the space between them as he placed his free palm over the crotch of her jeans and let her feel his large hand against her pussy. Almost instantly, Allie relaxed her pussy on his hand, pressed into him, and he began to do the most intricate, marvelous things with his fingers. Dancing them up and down. Massaging her pussy through the denim. Stroking just hard enough for her to lean her head back and sigh in ecstasy.

This was obviously the response Steve was looking for, and he quickly sat on the padded bench running the length of the room, and he moved Allie so that she was cradled in his lap. Slowly, but firmly, he continued to rub her cunt through the 501s. He paid attention to every touch, obviously he was a man on a mission. Allie helped, letting him know exactly what she wanted, punching up with her hips to meet his stroking fingertips as he responded to each move. Focused on bringing her pleasure, he worked harder, firmer, then slid one finger between two buttons in the fly to touch her silky, nude flesh.

The feel of his hand on her was electrifying. Just his finger on the space above her pubic hair. Yes, of course, he'd touched her there before, but this was different somehow. Being fingered like this with her clothes still on made Allie feel the urgency in what they were doing. He felt down, searching, and his fingertip plunged into the wetness that had already seeped through her pussy lips. Withdrawing his hand, he licked his finger clean, then resumed his pussy massage through her pretty, new jeans.

Closing her eyes, Allie stifled a moan. Christ, it felt amazing. If he touched her clit with his middle finger, pressed it right up against the seam of her 501s, she could come. Steve guessed this, and he sat her on one hand, and did exactly what she wanted. Tapping against her clit, harder as she got closer to climax, he stroked her pussy until she was almost there. Almost -

"Take them off."

Allie opened her eyes, stunned, at that point of almost coming that had made her brain slow down in direct correlation to the rate that her heart beat had speeded up.

"Just to your knees. Now."

The urgency had her fumbling. Allie stood, a wreck, and tried to unbutton the jeans, but found her fingers useless. Steve did the job, pulling hard and popping them open, then sliding the tight jeans down her lean thighs. He went on his knees in front of her, pressing his lips against her white panties, breathing her scent in through that sliver of cotton. Then these were pulled down, too, and he pushed her up against the cold glass of the long-length mirror and licked at her pussy with his eager, ready tongue.

Allie gripped onto Steve's shoulder, breathless, as he made those crazy spirals around her clit. She'd been on the brink from the pussy massage, and now Steve was replicating those actions with his tongue. Around and around the tip went. Teasing and tricking, bumping up against her clit and then leaving it alone to throb desperately, urgently. He kissed her inner thighs for a moment, to give her a chance to miss him. Then, back at the game, he nudged her clit, massaging, before finally ringing her pulsing gem with his lips and sucking. Just sucking.
"Oh, yeah," Allie begged, "oh, yeah, baby." Captured by the jeans and held upright by Steve's hands around her waist, she let her body relax even more, into the climax. Sliding into it. Drifting into its wonderful lightning rapture. Helpless to stop herself. But then, she didn't want to stop. Did she?

When she opened her eyes, Steve was still helping, helping her take off her jeans and folding them into neat square. "We'll get these," he said. "Because if you didn't guess from my response, I really do like them."

Then he was turning her, hands flat against the mirror, his body behind her, letting her feel the promise of his cock pressed against her ass. Letting her know with a single look at her eyes in the mirror exactly what was going to happen next.