Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A class Act

A lesson in the art of sexual intercourse for a class of young girls at an exclusive finishing school.

�Girls, at this point in the curriculum we usually show a video which
explains a lot more clearly than I can what actually happens during sexual intercourse.� Miss James looked round her class as she spoke and adjusted the horn-rimmed glasses on the end of her nose. She brushed away a stray lock of hair which had escaped from the chignon at the back of her head.

�You will recall that we looked together yesterday at the photographs
and cut-away diagrams in the text book but you can obviously learn a lot more by seeing real people making love, even if it�s only on film. But
today we�re going to do something special. John, here, has kindly agreed to take a break from his sports coaching duties to demonstrate the sex act with me so that you can see it at first hand.�

Miss James�s eyes roved round the classroom, evaluating the response of her twelve pupils to the news that they would soon be watching their teacher and the tennis coach �doing it�, as she knew her young charges called the act of sexual congress. Two or three were blushing furiously but most, she could see, were intrigued by the idea.

John, wearing tennis shorts and a tight, white T-shirt, sat on an
upright chair, looking at the class with an enigmatic smile on his face.
Already he could feel his penis swelling and stiffening inside his shorts
and he looked forward to the moment when he could release it from the tight constriction of his underpants.

�Our lesson will be in three main parts,� announced Miss James to the
classroom. She could see from the eager expressions on the girls� faces
that there would be no problem holding their attention today. �First,
we�ll look at the male sexual organ and learn how to stimulate it both
manually and orally ( that means with our hands and with our mouth, girls, in case you were wondering. Then, John and I will demonstrate the sex act itself. And, finally, we�ll watch John while he ejaculates so that you can all see what happens when a man reaches a climax.

�Any questions? No? All right then, would you mind undressing for us
now John, please?� Miss James smiled across at the young man and tucked the loose strand of hair behind her ear. �And, Rebecca, please adjust the Venetian blinds. We don�t want any juniors peeping in through the window.�

John rose to his feet and slowly removed his T-shirt. A year ago he
would have felt embarrassed at the idea of standing naked in front of a
roomful of schoolgirls but now, at nineteen, he positively relished the
prospect of exposing himself to them. The bulge at the front of his shorts was very prominent and he could see several of the girls looking at it and giggling behind their hands.

�Louise, Sarah, Lucy, will you please behave!� Miss James hissed
severely. �This is a serious sex education class and if you can�t behave
sensibly you�ll have to leave the room.� Her admonition was sufficient to restore order to the classroom and the twelve teenagers sat demurely at their desks, waiting and watching.

John slowly slid the zipper of his shorts down, noting how the room�s
acoustics seemed to magnify the sound. Next he unbuttoned the waistband and let the shorts drop to the floor, leaving himself naked except for a pair of white underpants whose front protruded alarmingly, the fabric stretched tight by the outward pressure of the penis within.

Miss James beckoned the young man forward and he moved closer to her, realizing that she wanted to have the privilege of removing the last, flimsy garment. The teacher�s hands moved to the elastic waistband and began pulling it downwards, lifting the front free as she did so in order to release the distended penis trapped inside.

John heard a collective intake of breath as the schoolgirls got their
first sight of his manhood jutting out proudly from the base of his belly.
The organ in question responded to their attention by swelling even more fiercely.

�Now, girls, you remember I showed you those pictures yesterday and told
you how a man�s organ expands and goes all stiff when he is aroused?� Miss
James asked. �Well, John is sexually excited and that�s precisely what�s
happened to his penis. Now, who can tell me why a man�s penis needs to be

�So that he can put it inside the woman�s body easily, Miss James,�
chirped a voice from the back of the class.

�Yes, well done, Charlotte,� the teacher replied. �So that the man can
insert it deep into the woman�s vagina and squirt his seed onto the neck of
her womb. In a little while John and I will be showing you exactly how the
man inserts his penis, but first I�m going to ask John to come round to
each of your desks so that you all can see his erection close up for
yourselves. If you want to touch it I�m sure John won�t mind, will you

The young man swallowed hard and shook his head. �No, I�d like that,�
he replied, his voice feeling thick in his throat. He felt highly aroused,
and although he hoped very much that the girls would touch his penis, he
hoped too that he wouldn�t disgrace himself by climaxing too soon. The
thought of squirting his seed into the air as he stood there in front of
the class both excited him further but hardened his determination not to
let it happen until he and Miss James had completed their demonstration.

�Before John shows his penis to you, let me just remind you about some
of the things we learnt yesterday,� Miss James said, her soft voice
distracting the naked youth at least partially from these troubling
thoughts. She moved even closer to him and gently took his phallus in her

�The male organ when it�s fully erect is normally about six or seven
inches long, though John�s actually happens to be a little longer than
that.� She held the throbbing organ tenderly between her forefinger and
thumb and pulled it downwards and away from his belly until it was almost
horizontal, showing it to the class.

�This rounded knob at the end here is called the glans penis and it�s
covered by a mantle of loose skin, known as the foreskin.� The teacher
touched each of the parts lightly with the index finger of her other hand
as she spoke. �When the penis is erect, the tip of the glans protrudes
from the foreskin, as John�s is doing now, and if you pull the foreskin
back it sits neatly behind the rim of the glans. See, like this.� Miss
James�s hand matched the deed to the words and exposed the shiny,
purple-red head of John�s penis to the scrutiny of the schoolgirls.

The young man swallowed hard in an effort to retain his composure but
the pleasurable feel of Miss James�s cool hand holding his erection and the
intense gaze of the pretty, young pupils was having a profound effect. A
delicious feeling of heaviness was beginning in his balls, and he parted
his legs slightly to ease the pressure that was building there.

�My brother is circumsized,� volunteered a dark-haired teenager from the
front of the class.

�Yes, thank you for raising that, Rebecca,� said Miss James. �Some men have their foreskin surgically removed when they are babies. Sometimes
it�s a religious thing; in other cases it�s just a matter of hygiene
because a circumsized penis is easier to keep clean.�

�Now, girls, when John comes round to you, I want you to look carefully
at this tight little bridge of skin, just beneath the head of his penis.�
The teacher lifted the heavy organ and pulled the foreskin right back so
that the girls could see the part in question. She touched it gently with
her fingertip, causing the penis to give an involuntary twitch that made
some of the girls giggle.

�It�s called the frenum,� Miss James explained, �and it�s the most
sensitive part of a man�s sexual organs. If you rub or lick the penis
there, it gives the man the most delicious sensation. Isn�t that right,
John?� The teacher closed her hand round the powerful jut of the penis and
began moving it very slowly up and down, stroking her finger lightly
against the frenum as she did so.

�Yes, Miss James,� the youth gasped, finally managing to break his
silence. �It feels heavenly when you do that.� He looked down and watched
intently the steady rhythm of the teacher�s hand sliding the skin up and
down his shaft, delighting in the silky smooth movement of his foreskin
covering and uncovering the head. Then, looking up again, he studied the
rapt faces of the spectators as they leant forward to get a better view of
what Miss James was doing to him.

�Girls, this is called masturbation,� Miss James explained, her hand
continuing its easy, rhythmical motion. �It�s extremely pleasurable for
the man. But masturbating her partner should give the woman pleasure too.
To know that you are pleasing your lover, feeling him grow even harder in
your hand, seeing this delightful sac here sway in time with your hand�s
motion and then watching it tighten as his sensation builds � all these
things should help to raise your own enjoyment of what you and your lover
are sharing.

�You may in fact sometimes want to continue masturbating your lover to
the point when he ejaculates. I know I love bringing a man to his climax
with my hand. It�s nice to watch his sperm shoot out. How many of you
have jacked your boyfriend off and seen his sperm?�

Three or four of the watching girls nodded their heads shyly, blushing
as they admitted that they were not complete sexual novices.

�Don�t be embarrassed girls,� Miss James said, her hand still moving up
and down John�s bone-hard erection . �Masturbating your boyfriend is a
natural, normal thing to do. It�s part of growing up. What was his sperm
like, Victoria?� she asked one of the girls who had owned up to serving her
boyfriend in this way.

The girl blushed an even deeper shade of pink, shyly lowering her pretty
blue eyes.

�Don�t be shy, Victoria,� the teacher said with a warm, friendly smile.
�This is a sex education class. I want us all to feel that we can talk
openly about anything to do with sex. Sex is a beautiful gift, not
something any of us need feel ashamed about. So tell us about your
boyfriend�s sperm.�

�Well, miss, it was sort of milky white and slippery,� the young girl said haltingly, still too embarrassed to look either at her teacher or at
the naked man whose penis looked as if it would very soon fountain its
essence in exactly the same way as her boyfriend�s had. �And there was so
much of it,� she went on, recalling her surprise at how the boy had
drenched her blouse and skirt with his emission. �It just seemed to go on
and on. I thought he�d never stop!�, she giggled. �It made me very
excited watching him come.�

�Yes, that too is quite normal,� Miss James said. �Masturbating John
like this is making me excited and I�m wet between my legs.� With her free
hand she lifted her skirt and showed the class a damp spot on her pink
cotton panties. John�s hand reached down and gently pulled the fabric
aside while with the other hand he held the teacher�s vulva open to show
the class the glistening evidence of her arousal.

�Can you see how my inner lips have started to pout and become
slippery?� she asked. �And look how the tip of my clitoris is peeking out
at the front there. Some of you may be experiencing the same wet sensation
as well. Don�t be ashamed to touch yourself if you are. The wetness is
your body�s signal to you. Respond to it. Enjoy it. The purpose of this
class is to explore our sexuality and to open ourselves to our full sexual

�Now, John, I think it�s time for you to let these young ladies get a
closer look at this lovely penis of yours. Please show it to them while I
get undressed.� Miss James gave the object in question one last
affectionate tug and then released it from her grasp. Left to its own
devices, the penis reared, huge and red, from the mass of curly hair at the
base of the youth�s belly. Beneath it, his testicles hung heavily in their
wrinkled sac of skin.

The young man moved slowly forward and stood in the central aisle,
proudly displaying his erection to the four young girls in the front row,
turning first one way then the other so that they could observe it both
head-on and in profile. He could feel their eyes fixed on it and this made
the organ throb and become even stiffer. Behind him he could hear the
rustle of Miss James�s clothes as she began to undress and ready herself
for their demonstration. He smiled down at a pretty, blonde child in the
second row, who he could sense wanted to touch him but was too shy to
attempt it.

Moving closer to her so that his penis jutted only inches from her face,
John smiled again, took her hand and guided it to his phallus. �There,� he
said as he placed her cool, slim fingers round the shaft, �doesn�t that
feel nice?�

The girl nodded shyly and began feeling and fondling the organ,
exploring its length and running her fingers through the dark mass of curly
hairs at its root.

�Yes, that�s right, Samantha,� Miss James said, naked now except for her
black suspender belt and stockings, coming up close behind John and looking
over his shoulder, while pressing her heavy breasts tightly against his
back. �Masturbate him. Move your hand up and down it, as I was doing
before. Yes, like that. Perfect. Can you feel the way the skin slides
easily over the hardness inside? Watch how the foreskin covers and
uncovers the glans as you move your hand. Isn�t that clever? Now pull the
skin downwards and squeeze the head gently with your other hand.
Excellent! Look, girls, that opens the little slit at the end so that you
can see inside a little way. Move forward a bit, John, so that the others
at the back can see.�

With the teacher�s naked body pressed tightly behind him, the youth
edged forward and presented his erection proudly to the girls at the back
of the room. He looked at their flushed young faces and saw how their eyes
were fixed on the stiff column jutting out towards them. The ache in his
testicles was becoming more and more pronounced now, so he cupped his balls
to give himself some relief, pressing the tips of his fingers hard into the
tense flesh behind them.

�Can you please describe for us what sensations you are feeling right
now?� Miss James asked the young man. �I�m sure the class would find it
very interesting to know what a man feels as he prepares himself for

John gulped. Although his role was that of tutor to these young ladies,
he found it difficult to put into words the sexual hunger he now felt.
�Well, I�ve got a lovely, tight feeling in my balls, and my cock feels as
if it�s going to explode,� he said haltingly. �It�s hard to explain. I
just feel I want to put it in something tight and wet, something that will
suck it and rub it.�

�Thank you, John,� Miss James replied. �Samantha, would you like to
comfort John by letting him put it in your mouth?�

The pretty teenager on the second row blushed charmingly and nodded her
blonde head, conscious that her eleven classmates were consumed with envy
that she had been selected to receive the man in her mouth.

John moved to stand in front of her, while the teacher reached round and
held his penis near its base so that it was presented invitingly to
Samantha�s waiting mouth. Moistening her lips, the beautiful child moved
her face close to the trembling organ and opened her mouth expectantly.
Her eyes searched his, her whole body anxious to please him but uncertain
what she should do next. In answer to her unspoken question, John moved
his hips forward and inserted the first few inches of his shaft into the
wetness of her mouth, sighing with pleasure when he felt her lips close
around it.

�Well done, Samantha,� said Miss James, looking over John�s shoulder and
watching her young pupil as she warmed to the task of sucking the young man�s penis. �Yes, take him deeply inside your mouth. Now slide your
tongue against the frenum � that�s the sensitive area underneath that I
showed you a moment ago.� Another moan of pleasure from the youth told the
class that Samantha�s slippery tongue had found its target.

The other teenagers had now clustered round so that they could watch
their friend. One or two of the bolder girls smiled encouragingly at John
as he began a slow, relaxed backwards and forwards motion with his hips.
He smiled back at them, looking each one in the eye, confident that his
muscular, naked body � not to mention his penis in Samantha�s mouth �
presented an appealing picture to them.

With each thrust he pushed himself deeper and deeper into the young girl, luxuriating in the delicious sensation of her tongue sliding wetly
against the organ�s underside. He could feel, too, the smooth nakedness of
Miss James standing behind him with the soft mounds of her breasts pressed
against his back and the silky patch of hair at the base of her belly
tickling his buttocks. Her hands were holding his hips, guiding their
motion, directing his rhythm as he rocked to and fro in Samantha�s mouth..

�Yes, slide it in and out, darling,� the teacher whispered in his ear,
coaxing him quietly in a voice so low that he was sure the girls couldn�t
hear what she was saying. �Doesn�t that feel nice, having Samantha suck
your cock? Look how wet she�s making it. Give the girls a nice show,
John. Let them watch it go in and out.� The explicit commentary continued
softly in his ear, adding an extra layer of sexual tension to the delicious
physical sensation the girl�s mouth was bestowing on his penis.

Miss James felt herself becoming more and more excited by the imminent
prospect of having this powerful young man put his penis inside her. She
found his body intensely beautiful ( muscular without being muscle-bound,
and deeply tanned and lithe. She kissed his shoulder tenderly, breathing
in the musky, masculine scent his body gave off. Her chin rested on John�s
shoulder and she looked down the front of his body to watch Samantha on her
knees, sucking him hungrily. The backwards and forwards motion of his
tightly clenched buttocks against her belly was highly pleasurable and she
thrust herself against him in a fierce contrapuntal rhythm.

It was not long before the young man�s movements became even more
pronounced and determined. He had grasped the pretty teenager�s hair with
both hands and was sliding himself in and out of her lips with an intensity
that suggested he might soon fill her mouth with his seed. His breathing,
too, had become ragged, confirming his mounting desire for a climax.

�John, I think we should stop there and have a short rest,� the teacher
said softly in John�s ear, her breath warm on his neck. �We don�t want you
to squirt in Samantha�s mouth, do we?�

To John that seemed an eminently desirable outcome but the teacher was
not to be gainsaid. She pulled gently on the young man�s hips so that his
penis reluctantly disengaged itself from the girl�s mouth and slapped wetly
against his belly. �Let�s go up to my desk and continue the lesson there,�
she whispered.

Miss James turned and, taking John�s penis in her hand, she led the way
to the large desk which was situated on a raised dais at the front of the
classroom. John walked behind her, admiring the way the firm white globes
of her buttocks swayed as she walked, and enchanted by the lacy suspender
belt which decorated her waist. When she reached the desk she released his
penis and turned and placed her pert bottom on the desk�s edge, opening her
legs slightly. Her hands were placed on the desk�s flat surface,
supporting her weight as she leaned back and smiled invitingly at him.

To the young man she looked incredibly beautiful. The shiny dark hair,
gathered into a chignon at the nape of her neck, and the spectacles she
still wore, gave her a look of elegance and poise, and this was accentuated
by the rope of pearls at her throat and the high-heeled shoes which graced
her small feet. He was delighted to see how large her breasts were, now
they were exposed. Covered by her blouse, they had seemed modestly sized,
small even; but naked they were ripe and full. The nipples protruded
stiffly, providing a visible clue, if any were needed, to her high state of
arousal. Across the rounded curve of her stomach, the black lace of her
suspender belt was stretched tight, providing a frilly garnishing for the
female secrets which her wanton, legs-apart position now revealed to him.
The glossy curls at the base of her belly had been trimmed into a neat,
narrow triangle which served to direct the eye downwards to the feminine
folds between her thighs.

Miss James wriggled her bottom on the edge of the desk to make herself
more comfortable and then opened her legs still wider. The polished wooden
surface felt deliciously cool against her flesh. The girls, who had now
moved to stand in a tight circle around the lovers, could see that her
inner sex lips were engorged and had become even more moist. The hair
which adorned her pubic mound caught the light from the bulb which hung
over the desk, imparting a glossy sheen to her triangle.

�Girls, look how my vagina has wet itself,� Miss James said, sitting
forward for a moment and slipping a finger between the lips. �As I told
you earlier, that�s the way a woman�s body prepares itself for the man�s
entry. Because the entrance is slippery, the penis can slide inside easily
and comfortably. And girls, don�t ever feel embarrassed about the wetness.
Men love to see it, don�t they, John?�

The youth had moved to stand between the teacher�s widespread thighs and
looked down at the glistening pleasure playground which was opened to him.
He nodded thoughtfully. �Yes, we love to see it, Miss James� he repeated,
stroking the smooth inside of his partner�s thigh, just where her
stocking-top ended. The back of his hand brushed lightly against the curly
hairs between her legs, a sensation which set Miss James�s nerve ends

While he continued to stroke and explore the sensitive area between her
legs, John took his penis in his other hand and pleasured it gently for a
few moments, savouring the erotic charge which masturbating in front of a
roomful of girls gave him. He ached to insert himself into the feminine
beauty that was being offered to him but sensed that his partner wanted to
delay for an instant. Miss James leant back on her elbows again and smiled
up at him gratefully.

She had always loved this moment, the delicious feeling of anticipation
as the man and the woman readied themselves for the ultimate act of
penetration. Too often, she reflected, lovers allowed their desire for
each other to rush them into conjoining their sexual parts.

�Girls, never let your man be in too much of a hurry to put his penis
into you,� she advised her young charges. �Enjoy looking at him and let
him enjoy looking at you. Never rush it. Tantalise one another; you�ll
enjoy the physical contact much more if you wait. Study your lover�s
penis. Imagine how it�s going to feel as it slides in, opening you up,
stretching you, filling you. See it shake and quiver with desire. Hold
yourself open for him, like this, and let him to see your wetness. Show
him your clitoris. Then, when you�re both ready, but only then, allow him
to touch you gently with the tip of his penis.� She nodded to the waiting
youth. �John, show them what I mean, please.�

The young man inched forward to do her bidding. The teacher parted the
pouting outer lips of her womanhood for him while he took his shaft in his
hand and manoeuvred the massive organ so that its tip nuzzled against the
clitoris that protruded like a hard little acorn from its sheath of flesh.
A hiss of breath from between Miss James�s teeth told the watching girls that the pleasure nerves concentrated in that sweet little organ were
responding with delight at the man�s touch.

John stroked the head of his penis up and down between the swollen pink
lips, coating it with the honeyed wetness that was seeping from Miss
James�s opening.

�Oh, John, that�s heavenly,� she sighed, a happy smile lighting up her
face. �Girls, this is the most beautiful sensation you can possibly
imagine. The whole area between my legs feels deliciously heavy and
there�s a lovely ache in my vagina. And my breasts are aching, too, but in
a nice way. Suck them, please, John,� she commanded.

Glad to comply, the youth bent forward and gathered the two warm melons
in his hands, fondling them and then sucking each nipple in turn deep into
his mouth. When he released them, slick and gleaming with his saliva, they
stood engorged and proud, pointing boldly up at him. He took them between
his fingers, pulling on them softly and turning them gently from side to
side. Another low moan of pleasure escaped the woman�s lips and her eyes
closed as she gave herself over to the sensations that flooded through her
breasts and mingled with the incredible tension that had been created by
the insistent rubbing of the youth�s penis against her clitoris.

The watching pupils could see that their teacher, whose calm and
reserved manner was something of a legend in the school, was now in the
grip of powerful emotions that had taken control of her body and made her a
slave to the fierce sensation between her legs.

�Put it in me now,� she begged the youth. �I can�t wait any longer.
Fill me up with your beautiful cock.�

�With pleasure,� John replied dutifully, a sly smile hovering on his
lips as he revelled in the power he now had over this prim and proper
schoolteacher, who in the past had tended to treat him with a superior
disdain. Now she was his to use in any way he wanted. Her nude body lay
exposed and open, inviting him to take his pleasure on it and in it.

The girls crowded round, anxious not to miss the sight of the man�s
penis entering their teacher. While she lay back on the surface of the
desk, her eyes fixed on the handsome face of her lover, John pushed forward
almost imperceptibly, savouring the sensation of warmth and wetness as the
first inch was gradually received by the waiting vagina. His eyes, too,
feasted on the beautiful, lightly tanned body that lay beneath him. How
wonderful it would be just to let go now and squirt his seed all over the
silky skin of her breasts and belly, he thought. What a charming contrast
the white droplets of his sperm would make against the black satin of the
suspender belt stretched tightly across her slim belly.

But no, all that was for later. The task in hand was to show these
young girls the act of penetration. And he was determined to give them a
show they would remember for the rest of their lives..

�Come closer, girls,� he murmured, his voice thick in his throat.
�Watch me fuck her.� The girls obediently pressed around the couple, three
of them kneeling down so that they could get an even better view of their
teacher�s open thighs and the stiff male organ that was standing between

When he was satisfied that his pupils all had a clear view, John
carefully eased the next three or four inches of his penis into the woman.
He then began a very slow backwards and forwards motion, drawing the organ
in and out of her wet channel. The taut muscles of his buttocks clenched
and relaxed with every thrust. One of the young onlookers was so overcome
with their beauty that she could not stop herself from stroking the taut
cheeks. The soft young hands caressing his bottom felt very good, and John
looked over his shoulder and gave a smile of encouragement to the teenager,
letting her know that she should continue. Emboldened, her hand slipped
between his legs and cradled the hairy sac which hung there.

John now withdrew his penis and showed it proudly to the class, turning
first to the left and then to the right so that all twelve pupils had a
view of it. �See how wet she�s made it ,� he said. �It slides in so
smoothly when it�s as wet as this.� And to prove the point, he positioned
the bulbous tip at the lady�s waiting entrance and inserted himself rapidly
and deeply inside her. The woman moaned in pleasure and gratitude as he
did so. He filled her so completely, so perfectly, that she couldn�t
imagine how any sensation could possibly be as delicious as the one she now

The youth withdrew his penis once more, enjoying the feel of the cool
air on its length but enjoying still more the admiring stares it drew from
the watching girls. Slipping his hand round its girth, he masturbated
himself for a few short moments, then reinserted the swollen stem deep into
Miss James�s beautiful body.

The teacher raised herself from the desk on bent elbows and looked up at
the youth as he busied himself at his work, a look of profound
concentration on his face. His hands came up and grasped the smooth skin
of her hips, holding them and adjusting the angle of her lower body so that
his penis rubbed against her hard little nodule with every inward thrust.
The pleasure the woman felt in her vulva was intensified by the thought
that her pupils were watching and that very soon they would see her reach
her climax.

The hard, muscular body of the man standing between her legs continued
to thrust powerfully into her, each movement stimulating her wet girl-flesh
almost beyond endurance. Soon she could bear the pleasure no longer and
allowed her crisis to overtake her, feeling a delicious sensation centre
itself on her swollen genitals but then flood through her entire body.

Her young audience was taken aback by the loud moans which came from
Miss James�s lips as the fierce orgasm ravaged her body. Was this how it
was to be fucked by a man, they asked themselves. Could the pleasure of
having a penis in your vagina really be so intense? The flushed face and
glazed eyes of their teacher, and the tiny droplets of perspiration on her
upper lip and brow, suggested that it was.

Nor was the young man between her legs unaffected by the ferocity of
Miss James�s climax. Her vagina had instigated a series of convulsive
contractions which massaged his organ as if trying to suck his seed from
him. The ache in his testicles had now become almost unbearable and he
knew that it would not be long before the dam burst.

�I�m nearly ready to come,� John announced, his voice sounding
surprisingly controlled despite the pressure that was building up inside
him. �Do you want me to come outside you?� he asked as his hips continued
to pump powerfully backwards and forwards.

�Yes, darling,� replied the teacher, whose composure had slowly begun to
return after the ecstasy which had engulfed her only a few moments earlier.
�I want the girls to see you do it. Pull it out when you are ready and
then hold it as still as you can while you are spurting. I want them to be
able to see everything as clearly as possible. Can you manage that?�

�I�ll try,� the youth nodded, his jaw set in grim determination. He
wanted to give the girls a good show but he knew that once his climax
started he would have precious little control over either his penis or his

A few more thrusts in the woman�s wetness were all that were needed to
bring him to the point of no return. He quickly withdrew the aching
phallus from Miss James�s vagina and stood holding it, waiting for his
climax to begin.

�Watch him girls,� the teacher instructed, raising herself on her elbows
so that she too could enjoy the coming spectacle. �Keep your eyes on that
little eye at the end of his penis. When he comes, you�ll see that the
sperm shoots out in regular pulses, not in a steady stream. Each pulses
coincides with one of his orgasmic surges. Let�s see how far you can
squirt it, John. Are you ready to do it for us now?�

�Yessssss!� groaned the youth, his eyes moving imploringly round the
circle of girls which surrounded him, as if to beg their forgiveness for
the pride he would take in his ejaculatory display. �I�m coming now,
girls. Look!�

With that, a massive contraction behind his balls impelled the first
surge of liquid up the length of his shaft and out of the slit at its tip.
Milky white, it squirted high in the air, describing a perfect parabola
before splashing wetly onto the teacher�s breasts. The second jet, which
was even more powerful than the first, landed on Miss James�s expectant
face, decorating the lenses of her spectacles. The schoolgirls gasped when
they saw her open her mouth and expertly catch the next two equally
powerful jets on her tongue and lips.

�A man�s love liquid tastes wonderful,� she said, swallowing greedily.s
�Warm and wheaty. Quickly, Charlotte, would you like to try it?�

The young girl, who had positioned herself nearer to the spurting organ
than any of her classmates, leant forward and allowed John to direct his
ejaculation so that she too received several jets in her open mouth. The
youth looked down tenderly at her, smiling as the white fluid pulsed onto
her tongue.

�Swallow it, Charlotte,� he breathed, working his hand up and down his
shaft in order to expel still more love liquid for her to drink.

The teenager�s eyes met John�s and returned his gaze adoringly. She
swallowed the warm, salty fluid gratefully and then closed her mouth round
the end of his erection, sucking it hard to drain it of the last remaining
drops of its precious white cargo. Then, lifting her head from the still
rigid phallus, she looked up and smiled sweetly at the man who had
delivered his delicious essence into her mouth and then at the teacher who
had unselfishly given her this privilege.

�Well, girls, I hope this morning�s lesson has been instructive for
you,� Miss James said, addressing the class with a knowing smile on her
face. �Now, who�s got a tissue to clean my glasses with?� she enquired
with a chuckle.

My Girlfriend's Sister

It has been awhile since I have had a really great sexual experience.

I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some emotional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don't get me wrong, she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair and an amazingly fit body. She is also great to be with but sexually, she is very frustrating.

I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her mother and 18 year old sister very well. In fact her sister, Jaime, says she is totally comfortable with me, like a brother. I know this is true because of the way she walks around the house in her swimsuit without caring that I am there. (Most girls are very self conscious of their body at that age.) It is hard for me to be just as comfortable when she does this because her thong bikini is very revealing. This wouldn't matter much if she didn't have a gorgeous body. But she does. She is about 5'8" and 115 pounds. She has the most perfect long blonde hair and amazing tanned legs. They are so long that I can imagine the way the would wrap around me. Of course she doesn't help my sexual frustration when she wears the tiniest shorts that just barely show her lower butt cheeks. This girl has got to be perfect.

Over the last year I have spied on her while she watches T.V. on the couch with her legs spread open and her panties showing through the sides of her shorts. I knew that she was a very sexual 18 year old when she casually asked me one day why she had some very erotic dreams about a guy from her school.

Once when I was sick, I fell asleep at my girlfriends house. The door was open in my girlfriends room and Jaime had just finished taking a shower. She knew I was in the next room but thought that I was still asleep. She walked past the room topless and I caught a glimpse of her perfectly rounded firm breasts. I had always imagined that they would be great to grab a hold of and cum all over. Although I was sick, I still managed to grab a hold of my bulging cock as I came all over my girlfriends bed.

On another day I sat with my girlfriend on the couch and her sister was laying on the floor. I peeked out of the corner of my eye at Jaime's perfect ass that always gets me hard. It is the type of ass that is not big but not so small that is doesn't show through her short jean shorts.

I always dream of fucking her from behind. She then got up to go to the athroom. From where I was sitting, I could barely see the door of the bathroom around the hallway corner. Jaime must not have noticed this because she left the bathroom door open as she sat down on the toilet.

She must have thought that I was not going to get up and that I could not see her. I didn't want her to think that I was watching so I kept my head pointed towards the T.V. but stared with all my might out of the corner of my eye as she finished up. I thought this was great but my dick stiffened immediately when she stood up and faced towards me with her shorts at her knees as she wiped. For that 5 second period I saw what I always dreamed of.

Her bush was dark and neatly trimmed. Her hips were tan and she rotated them ever so slowly in my direction as she pulled her shorts back up. I instantly came in my pants at this gorgeous sight and focused my eyes back on the television as she walked back in the room, not knowing what she had done to me. Jaime wanted to sit on the couch so my girlfriend and I laid on the floor. Now I had become comfortable around both of these girls so I did like all guys do when watching T.V. and put my hand down my pants. I knew that Jaime could see my hand going down. I then lifted my hand upwards so my pants were pulled away from my waist, exposing my hard dick to anyone above me. Since I was laying down, Jaime was above me.

I knew she was watching television but kinda hoped she had looked down to see my big hard dick. I wanted to return the favor. I heard Jaime shift on the couch and I imagined that it was because she wanted a better view.

Just then my girlfriend, Susan, said she was going to run to the corner store to get a drink. I told her that I would rather watch this show and so she went by herself. Jaime got up and went into her room. I fondled my dick now that I was extremely turned on and was finally by myself.

Just when I was about to cum, Jaime sweet voice came from her room and was asking me to come and help her with something. I got up and walked toward her room. I noticed that her door was shut. I moved closer to the door and heard a faint buzzing sound. I waited curiously but then knocked on the door. Jaime very sensually asked me to come in. I almost died when I saw her almost naked body lying on the bed with a 12 inch vibrator.

She was only wearing some lace pink panties but they were scrunched to the side, exposing her love canal. The vibrator was halfway inserted and buzzing loudly. She moaned as she asked me to come closer. Confused but excited, I walked to the side of her bed. She left the vibrator inside her and used her hands to reach towards my crotch. Quickly, she ripped open the button fly of my jeans, and my rock hard dick sprang out. She cooed with pleasure.

Slowly she began to fondle my cock with her hands as the vibrator buzzed inside her. She then pulled me onto the bed and slowly positioned her mouth in front of my bulging cock. Her lips parted and her tongue moved up and down the sides and top of my dick. She then inserted my entire dick in her mouth and started to move wildly.

The vibrator was still buzzing and she was feeling the pleasure as she moved faster. I could feel her warm wet mouth take my entire dick as I began to cum. She didn't even flinch when I came into her mouth. She sucked harder and swallowed every ounce with erotic pleasure. Jaime then experienced a great orgasm from the vibrator and the excitement of sucking me off.

She moaned loud and clinched her hands on my ass. Jaime removed the vibrator and pulled me towards her. She then got on her hands and knees and begged me to fuck her from behind. I paused a moment, knowing that this was my girlfriends sister. But my dick throbbed at the sight of her ass awaiting my entry.

Before I could think another thought, Jaime pulled me into her and I quickly felt her warm pussy. It was wet and tight. I started to move as she moaned loudly. I moved closer to orgasm and so did she. The sex became more wild and then the door to the bedroom opened. When I turned around and saw the eyes of my girlfriend, my heart jumped. What had I done? Then I saw Susan slowly pull of her clothes and I saw her naked body move closer. She said "Jaime and I had been planning this for a long time. We always wanted to fuck a man at the same time."

I was in disbelief. My wildest dreams had come true. Susan moved onto the bed and got on to her hands and knees right next to Jaime. I pulled my hard dick out of Jaime and put it into Susan. Susan bucked wildly. Jaime then put her wet cunt in the face of Susan and Susan licked like a pro. Jaime's body moved wildly with her big tits bouncing as Susan ate her out. I fucked harder and after a few minutes of pleasure came inside my girlfriends wet pussy. She felt the cum squirt into her pelvis and she came at that very moment.

The excitement died down and I thought it was over. I was wrong. They laid me on my back and began to suck my cock. Usually I can not take this much in one day but I was so turned on that I still wanted more. They took turns sucking my dick and kissing each other. I looked up and noticed that they were also fingering each other. One would suck my balls as the other would move up and down my cock. I felt their long blonde hair on my body as they took my dick in their mouth. Then I just could not take anymore so I squeezed the bed and came with a mind blowing orgasm. Susan and Jaime shared the cum and it oozed down their faces and tits.

We then got dressed and went back to watching T.V. Their mother came home and asked what we had done all day. "Nothing much" we said in unison and the girls sneaked a sexy smile in my direction. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my sexual encounter with these two and even more of their teenage friends.

Sex with Strangers : Tied Him to the Bed

We met at a bar. I was attracted to him the minute I saw him. He was very sleek and sexy, and I was getting aroused just thinking about him. After about half an hour and 4 beers, he approached me. We then began to talk for a while about everything -- who I was and what I was about, and vice versa. By the time we were done talking, I was was too intoxicated to drive myself home. He offered me a ride and I agreed. The whole way home I kept glancing at him, my cunt pulsating at the thought of fucking him. When we got to my house, I suggested he come in for a bit. He agreed, and followed me inside. The second he was inside, I grabbed his cock and told him how much I wanted him. He said he felt the same way, and we began ripping each other's clothes off. I took him to my bed. All he had on was his shirt. I took off my bra and panties, and proceeded to tie his hands to the bed with them. Then, very gently, I sucked on the tip of his head, but nothing else. His precum was already dripping into my mouth. He moaned slightly, and I proceeded to suck the tip of his massive cock. Then I straddled him, and rubbed his head through my clit. I kept this up until he yanked his hands to free himself, grabbed my ass, and pushed himself inside of me.

Woman's First Time Story: I Was Sore the Next Day

The first time I ever had sex I was 17. My boyfriend, who I'd been with for 7 months at that time, was 18. He and I had talked about having sex, but he never pushed me. One night, he came to my window. I was surprised, and I let him in my room and laid in my bed with him. It was probably 12:30 at night. He'd said he'd been thinking about me all day, and I the same for him.

He started to kiss me, and I pushed my body close to his. He started to play with the elastic on my pajama shorts, and asked me if it was okay. I said, yes, of course. He slowly slid my shorts off...and started to finger me. I moaned and sighed with pleasure, trying not to wake up my sister across the hall.

He asked me if he could taste me. He slowly went down to my wet pussy, licking and flicking my clit with his tongue. This was the first time I'd ever been eaten out. I put a pillow over my face and moaned when I'd reached an orgasm.

He came back up to me, taking my shirt off and sucking my nipples. He put his hand in between my legs, and I spread them. His cock was throbbing. He teased my clit with it, and then finally stuck it in me. I rocked my body with his, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me.

He pulled out of me and came on my stomach. He cleaned it off like a gentlemen, and I sucked him hard again. After this, he turned me on my side and started to finger me again. He was ready for round two. I stayed laying sideways as he fucked me slowly at first and then faster and faster. The next day I was sore and bleeding, but it was well worth it.

Pussy Flasher

"Wow, that was pretty exciting," Sue said when he had disappeared. "I didn't realise what a randy sod you are, Steph. You wouldn't think that you only started frigging around today."

"Maybe, but I've been feeling like it for weeks. You know, I could easily let some bloke have a proper eyeful of my fanny, without any knickers in the way, I mean. They may as well be off, because they're saturated in any case. I'm really juicing up."

"Me too, but I don't know that I could just flash my fanny in cold blood as it were. Once we pull some bloke though, no problem."

"Tell you what, let me take my knickers off and the next decent guy who comes along, you flash him your knickers. If he shows the same interest as the last one and we can get him talking, I'll flash him my bare fanny."

With that Steph removed her sodden panties and put them into her shoulder bag. Sitting there with her fanny exposed to the cooling breeze she felt desperate to masturbate again and would probably have done so but for the fact that another "victim" was approaching. Just as she was about to slip her hand up her skirt Sue nudged her and pointed down the path where a young man in his twenties was strolling towards them, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

Steph quickly assumed a neutral non provocative pose while Sue sprawled her legs all over and, just to make sure she was noticed, began to run a finger under the elastic of her knicker leg as if it was too tight and was cutting into her. The guy couldn't fail to notice and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he drew level with the girls.

"Got an itch, darling?" he said, eyes fixed on Sue's knickers. "It's usually easier to satisfy if you just take them off."

"Yes, that's what my friend here said. But I'm a bit more reserved than she is."

"Reserved! Bloody hell. I can nearly see everything you've got. And your knickers are fucking soaking wet, you little tart. If you're reserved what the hell is she like?" he pointed towards Steph.

"Why don't you look and see?" Steph chimed in and, pulling her skirt up a couple of inches, she opened her legs a little to display the full charms of her neat pubes. The guy swallowed hard, as if not quite believing what he was seeing and was momentarily lost for words.

"Do you like what you see?" Steph said, idly fingering around the opening to her slit. "You could see a lot more if you wanted to. All you have to do is to let us have a look at your cock and maybe wank it off for you. We want to see how hard it gets and how much spunk you can shoot."

"Christ, don't you wear knickers," he gasped. "I mean walking around like that with a tiny skirt on, anybody could see your cunt at almost any time. You could get raped or anything."

"Actually I like to wear a lot less than this. I prefer to be naked. If you play ball with us, maybe I'll show you everything." He looked closely at her nipples which were protruding through the thin fabric of her vest and licked his lips.

"Where did you have in mind?" he croaked.

"Follow us," said Sue, "but before we go I seem to have lost a bit of my reserve. I think I'll take my knickers off as well. Would you like to carry them for me?" she said slipping them down over her thighs and over her ankles before throwing them over to the guy. Steph noticed that Sue's fanny hair was a lot darker than her own but that it was neatly shaped into a tiny triangle above her slit, leaving the opening itself fuzz-free.

Sue led off, taking Steph by the arm and whispered, "I know a place down by the side of the old disused railway line. There's loads of little clearings surrounded by bushes." The young man followed, not quite believing his luck, and watching two very shapely bums wiggling provocatively in front of him, knowing that under those thin strips of material they were naked.

They soon found the place Sue was looking for and it was ideal. For a moment all three stood looking at each other, wondering who should make the next move. "Come on then, get your cock out for us to see," Sue pressed.

"Are you girls sure about this?" he asked.

"If you're shy, does this help at all?" Steph said, unbuttoning her skirt and allowing it to slip to the ground at her feet. Then she slipped her vest off over her head and stood there stark naked in front of the man. "Does this get you hard?"

Quickly he began to unbuckle his jeans and pulled them down together with his underpants in one swift, flustered movement and his semi-erect cock sprang into view. Steph took it all in, her very first cock. It was about four inches long, thick and veiny, vaguely threatening. Underneath hung a massive set of balls, covered with hair, swinging free. "It will get harder and bigger than this," he said almost apologetically. "I need to give it a bit of massage." With that he began to wank his cock ever so gently up and down as he feasted his eyes on Steph's naked body, drinking in the beauty of those lovely firm tits, pointed nipples and the promises contained between her legs. Next to Steph, Sue already had her hand up her dress and was stroking her pubes, unseen.

"Can I do that for you?" Steph asked and he nodded, dumfounded. She moved over to him and took his cock in her hand and found it to be quite knobbly. She stroked it, caressed it, fondled his balls and felt a hint of dampness at the tip. "You can feel me up as well, if you like," she said, "but that as far as you go. No fucking allowed, OK?" She stood next to him, opening her legs slightly to accommodate his eager hand and shuddered violently as his rough hands fingers penetrated her warm wetness.

Sue had now completely removed her own dress and was watching intently, fingers busily at work on her own clit and pinching her nipples and kneading her breasts with her free hand. Because Steph was so close to him, he was actually watching her masturbate and she had never felt such exhilaration. Any residual doubts now completely gone, Sue now leaned against a nearby tree, spread her legs and pulled her labia apart so that he could see almost everything he wanted of her own wet, pink slit.

Steph had by now perfected a wanking rhythm and was increasing the speed of her hand. Taking his lead from her, he also increased the speed of his own hand between her legs and Steph knew she would soon orgasm. Her legs felt wobbly again and she clamped them closed, trapping his hand like a vice. All that did however, was to set off the inevitable contractions as she plunged headlong into an orgasm so violent that she virtually blacked out. She collapsed on the ground, her hand between her legs gripping her pulsing pussy as each successive spasm hit her. Looking up to see what the man was doing she saw him take his cock into his own hand and wank it as if he was trying to pull it off. She saw his balls tighten, his face redden and then she saw and felt the hot jets of spunk shoot out from the eyes of his cock and splatter down on her naked body, splashing her belly, tits and face with a salty, sticky solution.

Sue then groaned and, turning to watch her, they saw her also orgasm, her fingers plunging deep into her vagina as she spasmed. Almost before they could recover the man began to haul his jeans up and to make himself decent again, much to the girls' disappointment.

"Thanks, girls. That was fucking wonderful. But I'd get some clothes on if I were you. You've got to be a bit careful, you know." And with that he disappeared out of the clearing leaving the girls there, naked, looking at each other.

"Wow, how do you feel then? Steph asked Sue.

"Completely shagged out, but satisfied. Wasn't that absolutely great? Jesus, Steph, you should see yourself. You're covered in spunk."

"Mmm, yeah, I am, aren't I?" Steph replied, tasting a little of the rapidly thinning fluid dribbling across her face. She pulled her knickers out of her shoulder bag and used them, as best she could to dry herself. Not easy because her knickers were still rather damp. The smell of sex was everywhere in the clearing.

"Hell, he's gone off with my knickers," Sue said and then they both burst out laughing. "Oh well, he's welcome to them, I suppose. I'll have to be a bit careful on the way home though."

"Don't worry, I'll join you. Neither of us will wear knickers again today. Should be quite an exciting walk home. I bet we could both do with another wank by the time we get back."

They put their clothes back on, tidied themselves as best they could and set off home, acutely aware of their near nude condition, discussing the events of the day and whether they should do it all again.

Good Ol' Drunk College Sex

There's nothing special about this story except that...IT WAS THE LUCKIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I am not much of a ladies man. In fact, I am bit nerdy, but I am not ashamed to admit it. Anyway, a week ago I was drunk and there were about six drunk girls at my friend Erik's pad. There was this fine blond girl with a nice rack and a blue mini-skirt who I later found out was named Marina.

Erik told me to go for it, and as usual I told him it would be a cold day in hell before she even talked to me, but when I went to the kitchen to take a couple shots a fucking miracle happened. I walked in and the girl was crying her ass off. Okay, I know, not what you call a Christmas miracle or anything, but I knew this was my chance to play up the nice friendly nerd card.

I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her boyfriend was fucking some other girl so they broke up a week ago. Being kinda drunk I guess she just broke down so I invited her to take a couple shots with me. We took a shot of JD and vodka and I told her she could hang out in my room until she felt better. She took my advice and I told her I would check on her in like 10 minutes.

When I went in to check on her she was on my computer watching some porn of a blond chick giving a bj that I was jerking it to earlier. What a fucking moron. I left that shit on my queue in Winamp. I ran over, apologized, and reached over to shut it off, but this fine ass drunk girl just turned to me and said “I can do that way better than that.”

I bet that she couldn’t and after a bit of coaxing she was sucking my cock while I had a bottle of Jim Beam in my hand. Erik knocked on the door in the middle of it to see that we were okay and I yelled that we were sleeping. Then this girl started going wild and asked me to fuck her “as hard as I could.” I happily obliged and had the best sex I have ever had in my entire young life. The next morning I woke up at around noon and she was gone. I haven’t talked to her since, but drunk ass college sex is exactly why I came to school. God damn I need to get laid more.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dominated By My Best Friends Wife

A few months ago I made plans to go out with my best friend Mike and his wife Stephanie to this new club called the Starchamber that had just opened up.We had planed to go on Friday night but a few days before ,Mike had gotten called away on business,so I just assumed the plans were off.When Friday night came I got a call from Stephanie,she wanted to know what time I was planning to pick her up.I told her I thought the plan was off,but she wanted to go even though it would be just the two of us,So I told her I would be over by nine.When I got to Stephanie's house I was amazed by how hot she looked,she normally dressed very conservitive but tonight she was wearing a black leather mini skirt with fishnet stockings,black leather high heels with ankle straps and a tight low cut red top which went well with her long black hair.Stephanie said she wanted to drive and off we went.The club was very crowded and right from the start Stephanie was buying me drinks all night,we would da!
nce for a while then sit down and joke around on and off.Even though Stephanie wasn't drinking,after a few hours I was getting very drunk,then they announced there was going to be a leather mini skirt contest.Seeing how hot Stephanie looked,I told her she should enter,I really wanted to see her up on the stage.About ten girls had gone on when it became Stephanie's turn.She started to strut her stuff up and down the walkway,the response from the crowd was awesom,after seeing her amazing body in leather,they stopped the contest right there and declared Stephanie the winner,as a result of winning,she had a choice of taking $500 in cash or picking out five girls from the contest,have them line up on stage where Stephanie would walk up behind the girls,strip off their mini skirts and get to keep them.I thought for certain Stephanie would take the money,but she wanted to humiliate the girls that dared to compete against her,so she walked behind them,unbuckled and unzippered each! leather mini skirt,and stripped them down,Stephanie was proud she left the girls standing on the stage stripped of their mini skirts but even more proud to strip them of their dignity.

After the contest Stephanie collected the five mini skirts and we decided to leave.Stephanie drove us back to her house where I had my car,when we got there,she said I was too drunk to drive,Stephanie insisted I come inside to sober up.When we got inside,Stephanie said she was going to make coffee and I should lay down in her room for a bit.After a little while of relaxing on her bed,Stephanie came into the room and laid down next to me.At first I didn't think anything of it,but then she got a little closer and we could feel something going on between us.Stephanie looked so good and I was so drunk,I couldn't controll myself and we started kissing,I took off my clothes and so did Stephanie,except she left her leather mini skirt on,she said she liked the way leather feels on her body when she's having sex.Stephanie mounted me and we started having sex which turned very agressive as she rode me up and down and I could hear her leather mini skirt making that crumpling sou!
nd.Finally we couldn't controll ourselves any longer,Stephanie arched her back,looked up at the ceiling as we both came at the same time,it was by far the best sex I ever had.After I got dressed,I drove home and thought that was the end of it,but I was wrong.

About a week later,I got a package in the mail from Stephanie,When I opened it up,there was a videotape,a cameraphone and a letter.Stephanie said that from now on I have to do exactley what she says,she had secretley videotaped us having sex and if I dont obey her every word she will show the tape to all our friends and to her husband,she had cheated on Mike several times in the past and because he loves her and is obsessed with her,he looks the other way and lets it happen and keeps going back to her,so I had no doubt she would show him the tape.Since I recentley got engaged myself I had no choice but to obey.The letter said I have to carry the phone at all times,and as soon as it goes off,I have 1 hour to get to the Capri Motor Inn(a small motel where we live) and go to room#238.The next day the phone rang at 10pm,I quickly stopped what I was doing and rushed over to the motel.When I got there I knocked on the door and Stephanie let me in.As soon as I walked in the ro!
om Stephanie demanded I strip down to my underwear and put my clothes in a duffle bag.Then Stephanie said she was going to change in the bathroom.When she came out,Stephanie was wearing a black leather bra with silver studs and matching black leather panties,she had on black fishnets with black leather pumps,long black leather gloves with a black leather collar and a long black leather whip coiled up hanging from the right side of her leather panties.Then Stephanie reached into a leather bag and took out a pair of black leather high heels and told me to put them on,then she walked behind me and handcuffed me,finally Stephanie took out a black leather mini skirt,she stripped off my underwear,made me step into the skirt pulled it up and buckled and zippered the mini good and tight.Stephanie walked back in front of me and we were face to face about 10 feet apart,then she said;ready for a good kinky whipping.As Stephanie uncoiled her leather whip she could see that I was rock ha!
rd under the mini,she just smiled,raised up her whip and began to crack it down,she said I have to try and dodge away from the whip,because she liked hunting me like a animal.I avoided a few cracks,but being in pumps and a mini with cuffs on Stephanie was too fast as she continued to crack the whip down.After a while of kinky whipping,Stephanie put down the whip and made me beg for a kinky spanking.After begging to be spanked,Stephanie put me over her knee,with her right hand she started to spank me through the mini skirt,with her left hand she put a condom on me and after each spanking from her right hand she would stroke my shaft with her left.The spanking was fantasic and I loved how she made me harder and harder by stroking me,finally I couldn't take it any longer and I exploded with the best orgasm I ever had,as I pumped my load,Stephanie kept squeezing out my cum,saying;thats it,pump out all that cum,I want you bone dry so you can't have another orgasm until I call y!
ou again.When I was done,Stephanie stood me up,unbuckled and unzippered the mini skirt and stripped it down to my pumps,after stepping out of the skirt,Stephanie laid me down on the bed.Stephanie spread my legs apart,reached into her bag, took out a electric razor and started to shave off all my pubic hair.When I begged her to stop,Stephanie said only A REAL man has hair between his legs,babies don't have any hair,I said;what do you mean?I'm not a baby.Stephanie just smiled,reached into her bag once more, took out a pair of diapers and said; since I'm leaving and won't be back till mourning,you're just going to have to stay in pampers all night,and when I return tomorrow to strip off the diapers,I better see a #1 and a #2 in your diaper.The thought of having to wet and poop in my diapers was both scary and exciting,then Stephanie took a black leather hood,put it over my head,zippered up the eyes,ears amd mouth.Stephanie took my clothes with her and said she would be bac! k sometime the next day.I did manage to get some sleep and Stephanie returned by about 11am.When Stephanie took off my leather hood,she said,now I'm going to strip off your diapers and you better have done what I told you to do,Then Stephanie undid each side of the diaper and began to strip in down,she looked down at me and smiled because she saw I did what I was told to,I had wet my diaper and made cocky for Stephanie.Stephanie took off my handcuffs and pumps and gave me my clothes back along with a large bag of diapers,Stephanie said from now on I have to wear the diapers under my clothes all the time,when she calls me on the cameraphone,I have to answer right away and take a picture showing I'm wearing the diaper,then I got dressed knowing I would be hearing from Stephanie soon.

You Know This Lover

You know this lover

You drive through the night, the only sound your tires singing on wet black pavement and the rhythm of your own heart. You watch your small hands griping the steering wheel so tightly your knuckles are white with anticipation. You are amazed, why should you feel this tension? You have done this many times. This is no new experience, you know this lover. This is no single night's lust with a stranger. This is more than your lover you meet this is your love. But then you think.

"Can I ever know this man?"

"Will I ever understand the complex folds of his erotic mind?"

"Learn to ride with command the wheel of his passion?"

You think not. He leaves you breathless.

Always a step ahead yet never leaving you wanting, drawing you deeper into yourself.

There have been times when you felt certain mastery. Felt that at long last you had reached a point of comfortable predictability. Even thought a trifle smugly of the accomplishment. Then in a gleam of his carnal eye your world reeled in a flurry of pleasure that you had not even dreamed existed.

Still you know this lover, you know to trust this lover, He would never lead you to harm, never betray your faith in any way. You may not be certain which of earthly road he will travel, what winding amorous path he may embrace. But you know that you will follow without hesitation, as your desire's perfection is his completion.

A fleeting scent of your perfume touches your nostrils. Reminding you of your preparation for this night. From the moment your phone rang at noon you have been preparing. Choosing the clothes, scents, and colors for your encounter. So simple his call, laden with promise. No hello, Nor even a simple goodbye. None of the usual endearments you have become accustomed to. You answer the phone, your mind racing on the million different paths the responsibilities of your day demand. You hear his voice, a room number, motel then the hollow click of the receiver. Nothing more, not waiting for your reply, he does not require your assurance, he knows you will come.

You know this lover, but not as he knows you.

A slightly nervous laugh escapes you. For the first time you understand that he is already making love to you. He has been doing so since noon. The thought fills you with love and admiration. Heat rises in your loins as you press your narrow foot down farther on the accelerator. The road has become your antagonist, the dark rival that stands between you and your craving, seeming to grow as you devour each mile. The drive only an hour from the city feeling like a lifetime quest for rapture. You wonder why so far? Then again realize the extent of his devising. He knew! He knew you would go from nervous anticipation to barley controllable lust in this time. He is in the car with you, making love to you even now. Stoking your fire, fanning you to the point of incineration, without even touching your body. The wetness between your eager thigh's attest to his success. The scent of your own musk begins to mingle with the scents you applied for him. You know he will not mind.! It is your scent he stalks, this master hunter. Your instincts he studies. Your womanly need his prey. Your heated flesh he will consume. The dark countryside rushes past you. Open fields reflect the moons glow from rain dampened crops. The silhouettes of Oak and Pine stand sentry over you, guarding this prey as they have guarded prey for centuries. But this prey seeks the hunter. You feel your heart quicken, pulsing in your throat. The harsh glare of neon cuts the tranquility of the countryside. So harsh and out of place yet so welcome. You and your lover have passed this small motel many times, you never paid it much attention. It seems he must have, he is always thinking this love of yours. As you pull into the gravel drive you see his car with satisfaction, even love, you thank this mindless machine for carrying him safely. Parking before the aging room more desirable to you now than a suite in the finest hotel in Paris, your senses are enchanted with the silence, ! the smells of the country. Newly mowed hay, pine a thousand sweet textures of scent waltz with your desire. They play in the deepest folds of your mind. In this place of solitude you have no responsibility, no job, no stress. You are simply a creature of nature doing natures bidding. You enter the room locking the door behind you to shut the world out and your passion in. You say no words of greeting, nor does he. You do not even look for him in the dim light. You have no need, You know it is your lover, his sweet aroma fills you. Slowly he moves behind you licking the back of your neck while his hands move under your blouse massaging your soft flat belly before moving upward toward your breasts. Closing your eyes you bend your head forward your breath becoming deep and slow as your nipples harden beneath his touch, the palms of your hands become moist and warm with anticipation. Gently he removes your blouse kissing, nibbling, and licking each new bit of skin he exposes.!
Sucking your breasts into his mouth sometimes soft and moist, occasionally demanding, flicking your now fully erect nipples. Sliding his accomplished lingua between your cleavage he moves downward leaving a trail of pending elation on your skin, stopping only for a moment to lick your navel as his hands slide up the back of your smooth bare legs and begin massaging your buttocks. He chews on your pelvic mound with hunger and your tight skirt becomes wet with his saliva and the readiness flowing from your need to be his feast. You live in a body solicitous for his touch, his tongue, and his entry. Your eagerness will not rush his banquet, you know you will have to wait. You know this lover, you know he has no desire to quickly take you, drain his passion at the expense of yours and go. This lover wants to play your body, explore your deepest desires at times gently and tenderly teasing you to joy. At other times demanding and forceful making you to submit to the primal pass! ions that dwell beneath the surface of socialized conduct. He runs his tongue along the cleavage of your toes, then removes your pumps, licking your feet sucking on each toe one at a time then very slowly rises up to unzip your skirt sliding it deliberately over your hips while kissing the front of your dampened panties. Sucking your elixir through the silk, before pulling them down your shuddering legs with his teeth. He stands removing his touch to drink the sight of your naked body with eyes that thirst. He is still fully clothed and you stand unconcealed before him feeling vulnerable and exposed. His arms at last enfold you pulling your body weak with need to him. His mouth feels hot on yours his breath sweet, deeply kissing his prey. This hunt is over, this prey is his, your body has once again betrayed you, led you to his side, forced you to eagerly cast your flesh to his whim. You melt into his hard chest, rejoicing in the roughness of his clothing and the delicacy of!
your nudity. He lays you face down on the bed and you hear him remove his clothes. You wish to turn and look, to see the muscles move beneath the hair of his chest, to pay visual homage to his hardness and envision it penetrating your anxious femininity. Still you resist the temptation to gaze at his masculine splendor. You know this lover you know his moods and tonight he doesn't want you to think, only to feel. To flow with the sensations he will give you. The fate of your passion is in his expert hands not your own. So you lay face down in scarce contained anticipation and wait. You feel a shock of warmth as he pours heated cherry scented oil on your bare buttocks letting it run between your rear cleavage seeking your depths. His warm hand explores you. Slowly slipping an oil slick finger into your rear passage, letting you savor the intrusion, stroking you long and leisurely allowing you to feel each slow caress. You can think of nothing else save his finger violatin!
g your most private space. He removes his finger and his tongue now moves to the cleavage of your seat moving deeper with each pass until he begins licking the sensitive opening. Delving deep inside, soothing you with his heat while massaging your woman's pearl with knowing hands, slick with sweet scented oil. Your breath enters in short deep gasps. You moan lost in a world only he knows how to create. Without shame you reach back with both hands spreading the cheeks of your behind. Pressing toward the giver of sensations that lavishes lingual veneration on this potent bundle of nerve endings. Your delectation is enhanced because you know that not only is your love willing to delight you in this way. He does so with a hunger born of appreciation for each texture, scent and reaction of your existence. Your skin burns with the fever of arousal, though you do not notice it the blush of passion has formed patterns between your breasts. A glistening sheen of sweat forms on your !
naked back as your world becomes more and more focused. There are no problems to solve no bills that need paying. At this moment there is nothing but the sheer joy of sensation and adoration for the man that now devours the most private portion of your body with untamed abandon. You feel your need rise toward the moment of completion. He feels it too and holds you there. His tongue and hands expertly keeping you on the verge but not yet willing to let you fall into the well of release. Moments feel like hours as your body swirls in the winds of sensuality. You moan in yearning as he removes his touch. Your breath shallow, waiting, knowing not to look, your ears seek his intent, his quiet movements, the sound of a plastic chest opens then shuts, a rustling of paper, your anticipation mounts. His hand in your hair gently pulls back your head, a chill on your cheek. You quiver as now his intention is revealed. He offers a cherry Popsicle to your lips. You suck it deep into your!
mouth as if it were he, it soothes a throat parched from the passing of heated breath. He strokes your soft mouth with long cold strokes, allowing you time to contemplate your fate. Removing it from your mouth he returns to your buttocks rubbing the sweet ice on your flaming cheeks. Cooling them allowing your heat to melt your lover of frost, running in cool trickles into your heated crevice. You feel it parting your cheeks probing deeper, slowly seeking your opening. You clutch the blanket in both apprehension and anticipation.

It has found you.

The journey into your body begins as your sphincter encircles the intruder, trying desperately to protect you, but losing its grip, too slick with oil and ice to hold. It takes you repeatedly, sinking inside, pouring its cold energy into you as the heat from your body drains it. You moan and raise your quivering hips to challenge each cold thrust. You become a squirming sheen of femininity in need. As the sweat from your skin runs down the line of your spine like a river of lust. The tender cheeks of your bottom are filled with fire and ice as part of you wishes it would end and another part wishes it never would. As usual he makes that decision for you and you wonder how he knows your limits without being told.

Once again his hot mouth soothes you. Warm strong hands again massage your female jewel. After the cold, his heat is far more intense and you revel in its potent effect. Your hands clutch the bed spread as you whimper in ecstasy. Whimpers turn to moans, then soon to a pleas as you begin to beg for merciful release. Your body conveys your need for completion, writhing in wanton abandon. Your small hands no longer simply clutch the bed spread but strip the bedding until your nails claw the bare mattress in urgency.

Mercifully he rolls you over and buries his tongue between your folds. You feel it slithering along the soaked and beckoning center of your femininity. Your pearl is hard and standing, begging to be loved. He hears its call accepting it into his mouth, giving succor. He begins the swirling motion that he knows always brings you over the edge.

His fingers enter you and find the secret swollen rise against the back of your pelvis. Using this grip to pull you even closer. The motion of his strong fingers matches those of his serpent tongue. The relentless assault is his answer to your plea, the prayer you offered for satisfaction will be answered. You will be granted the blessing of rapture. Gratefully you yield yourself giving all your senses to his master touch.

For a moment the pressure is so intense you think you may have to urinate. But then the fire spreads as you reach your first release, your breathing stops. Every muscle in your body flexes and quivers as your contractions begin. The muscles in your love well pulse with a mind of there own. Wholly beyond control your waking mind. Warm wine flows from your woman's grotto only to be swallowed greedily by your lover. You hear his moan echo inside you. This only adds to your response because you know he desires every touch smell and taste of your femininity. Slowly your release subsides but you do not regret its passing. You know this lover you know the night is just beginning.

Yes you know this lover, and this lover knows your body, understands that after your release, the muscles of your inner walls will need to be filled, will need to cling, will spasm seeking the hardness of a man to hold. As with all your needs he fills this one. Lifting your seat in strong hands and driving his shaft deep in one powerful thrust. No longer the gentle coaxing lover he pummels your mound, fast and hard riding you with a force that nearly drives the breath from your lungs. Your eyes open in amazement, as you watch his body. The lines of his strength defined, drilling his piston of flesh inside you with total wantonness. Stopping only to press deep inside and compress your distended jewel against his groin. You lock your legs around the small of his back in an attempt to hold some of your weight from him, but you know it is not necessary. Though his superior physical strength is a constant knowledge to you, it is at times such as these when you realize just h!
ow much power he possesses. The weakness of your small frame rests lightly in his hands as he irresistibly takes you. Splitting you with his shaft, possessing you. Sweat pours down his forehead into his eyes. The sting of salt only causes him to shake his head flinging it from him. This beast of passion, carelessly swatting a small distraction far too trivial to cause him to miss his pace. You are so intent on watching the sheen of lover's toil on his hard frame, so astonished at the vigor of his relentless onslaught that your second explosion erupts before you feel its approach. A quick build, then violent pulsing contractions, you shake with your eyes wide open in shock. Your vision intensifies, your world becomes so clear that it deifies reality, your lover its center, you move beyond clear, he becomes a white glow, a strange combination of vision distorted and a sharpness beyond your comprehension. Still he drives on. No! Even increases his efforts, turning your cry's!
to screams, not letting you recede until your spent nervous system can stand no more.

Slowly evenly he lets you down, his movements now barely perceptible, placing your small bottom on the soft cool bed. He soothes you, leaning forward, kissing your now closed eyes, licking your lips, letting your breath enter his panting lungs, renewing him.

Touching, caressing, appreciative.

His hands explore the length of your body slick with your sheen. Your long hair is soaked with spent desire, he brushes it from your face. Being sure that you do not feel the sting of salt in your eyes he wipes them with his lips. Whispers his devotion in your ear with heated breath.

He withdraws and stands beside the bed his hardness still not spent juts firmly from his hips. You see him reach to the nightstand and retrieve a small cord, then grasp your slim ankles and hold them in one large hand as he ties first one big toe and then the other pulling your feet together. You giggle in erotic respect as he rubs your feet with the scented oil. His ability to find new and different delights seems boundless. Holding your feet between his hands by the heels he enters the gap of your slick arches. The sight of his velvet head staring at you as it seduces your soft feet transfixes your eyes. Moving back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm, a dancing cobra to your flute. Only it is you and not the Cobra that is mesmerized. You cannot break the spell of its mating dance as you watch his serpent languidly basking in the supple sensitive flesh of your arches. You barely notice as your lover takes your hand and coats your finger with oil, then places it to your s!
till swollen cleft. Your finger moves in long practiced small circles on your well loved but still distended pleasure median. Timing itself to the dance that has captured your mind. The world has diminished to this one small point, this is your existence, your reality. All thought has been blocked, only you and the velvet cobra remain. Even your lover's body disappears to blackness behind his dance. The cobra stares at you with lust on his lips. There is no escape from his spell he will claim his prey. Your mental clock has departed you have no concept of time. Lost with this serpent of passion you and he dance. The head of your tormentor swells slightly preparing to strike. Your heart quickens knowing your moment is near. You will soon be a victim of his primal need. Unlike your lover this one knows no compassion. There will be no escape from his strike, his only goal you. The meaning of his life is the claiming of you. He will show no mercy. You welcome his lover's venom.! You crave the feel of its heat on your skin.

Still he does not claim you.

You are confused.

You have lost this dance!

Why does he wait?

Tormenting you.

What more does he require?

You once again feel the beginnings of orgasmic splendor. His dance quickens sensing its approach. Now you know why he waits, he must have your submission! This dance must end together.

You build in a slowly rising crescendo, unlike your last release this one gives you forewarning, building evenly but willfully higher. Frantically before you the serpent dances. You hang at the peak as your voice makes sounds that have no meaning to anyone but lovers, you speak in the tongue of the cobra, then suddenly fall over the edge into the abyss of rapture.

He releases you from the spell. You have upheld your bargain. Hot venom sprays your skin, streams of desires flame streak your thighs, over your stomach and breasts, even reaching your lips where you drink it greedily into your mouth. This time you fall in ecstasy. The venom of devotion enters your skin bonding you to this velvet serpent, but more to this lover.

Open Interview

Jerry had been working at his current job for a little over three years, but it was time for a change. He had advanced as far as he could with his current employer, so rather than wait for who knows how long for a chance to move up he decided to look for a job that offered more long term career advancement potential. Jerry would put in applications both online and in person whenever he came across a company that looked like it had potential. Late one afternoon Jerry had just finished some much needed yard work when the phone rang.

The voice on the other end was female, but unfamiliar. "Hi is this Jerry?" "Yes..this is he." " name is Maureen, and I came across your application, and I'm calling you in hopes of setting up an interview for later this afternoon if that's possible....are you still interested in possible employment with our company?" "Yes....definitely." "I know it's short notice, but how about 5:30?" "Ahhh sure....I just finished some yard work so I have to shower, and get cleaned up, but I'm sure I can make it." "Good....see you at 5:30 or close to it as possible....bye"

Jerry got out of his clothes and into the shower. As he showered he thought that Maureen's voice had sounded kinda sexy over the phone. His cock was starting to tingle and get hard, but he had no time for that now. Besides...she was probably very nice, but married or not very attractive at all. He needed to focus on his interview; he could concentrate on getting laid after getting a better job. Jerry got out of the shower and looked at the clock....he was running late. He quickly pressed a shirt and tossed on his suit in record time. He didn't even bother with underwear....after all, whose going to know.

With each passing moment getting closer and closer to his interview time Jerry rushed out the door and hurried down to the mall. As he pulled into a parking space he hoped this interview would be a success. This was a major department store, and had the advancement potential he was looking for. As he locked his car he started walking toward the mall entrance. He noticed a couple of women smiling at him as they passed by. Then some other people looked his way and smiled. "Wow...people are friendly today, this must be a good sign. Once inside the mall he hurried up the escalator.

Once he was at the top he headed toward the store and went inside. He was getting nervous the closer he got the Human Resources Department. Again some people smiled and looked at him, and again Jerry was impressed with how friendly everyone was. He stepped into the HR department and walked up to the desk where a pretty young woman was on the phone. She smiled and motioned she'd be right with him. She hung up and asked if he might be Jerry. "Yes....I have an interview with Maureen." "Great follow me Jerry." Jerry followed her down a narrow hallway with pictures of men and women on the wall.

She turned and looked at Jerry and a wide smile appeared across her face, when she said, "Wait here a moment and I'll let Maureen know you're here." Jerry waited outside as the cute receptionist stepped inside the interview room. He heard voices and then some giggling...and then silence. The door opened and she said, "Come on in Jerry." "Jerry this is Maureen, she spoke to you on the phone and will be conducting your interview this evening." Maureen and Jerry shook hands as the receptionist said, "I'll go back out and lock up so you'll have complete privacy." "OK Stacy....thanks." "By Jerry." "By Stacy, and thanks."

Maureen was even better looking than her voice had sounded on the phone. She was tall, with a great smile and a terrific figure, even though she was wearing a very smart women's tailored blazer and matching skirt which made seeing more of her figure a lot harder. "Jerry, I've been sitting all day, so if you don't mind I'm going to stand, however if you want to take a seat feel free to do so." "Oh I'm fine." Maureen smiled and gave him a wink. It seemed a little odd to Jerry, but then whatever....he just wanted a successful interview. "Do you mind if I take off my blazer, and get more's been a long day." "NO, feel free to take off anything you want." Maureen smiled and raised her eyebrows...."Mmmmm bad boy."

Jerry could feel his face flush, as he thought he must have blown the interview right there. Maureen could see he was stressed...."'s OK...don't worry about it." "Maybe you should take off your coat too." Jerry started to take off his coat when he looked down and saw the reason everyone had been smiling at him. In his rush to get dressed he forgot to zip his fly, and this pair of trousers had a long rise and the zipper didn't hide much. "Ohhhh wonder people were looking and smiling." " was a accident right?" "Yes, but..."Don't worry about it....I'm certainly not offended.....not at all."

Jerry started to zip his trouser when Maureen asked, "What are you doing?" "I was gonna zip up." Maureen smiled again. " don't have to for me, unless you want to that come have a seat by me and lets talk about his application of yours....shall we?" Jerry couldn't believe what was happening, but who was he to argue with a woman that looked at good as Maureen. She stepped over to the door and turned the dead bolt and came back over and sat down next to Jerry and started going over his application. Jerry couldn't help but notice that Maureen's blouse was open more than when they had started. She must have opened a couple of buttons on her way to lock the door.

Jerry could see her very sheer bra through her blouse. The bra was so sheer he could make out her aureola's and her nipples. They seemed to actually be getting hard as he stared at then. Maureen continued going over his application, asking him questions about his work experience, and how he would handle certain situations in dealing with an unhappy customer, both at a sales level and at a management level. Then out of the blue she asked, "Jerry....are you looking at my breasts?" Jerry smiled....what could he say...he was. "Yes, I am....I'll stop if it bothers you Maureen." "Did I say that it bothered me?" "No." "Well then don't worry about it." "Now excuse me for a minute, I'll be right back."

Maureen went through a side door while Jerry nervously waited. He wasn't sure if this was an interview, a seduction or both....either way he was just going to relax and go with the flow. Maureen came back a couple of minutes later, and sat back down. She smiled and said, "Just a few more questions, and we'll be done with this part." "All right....not a problem." As she asked another question Jerry realized that Maureen had gone in and taken off her bra. Now her aureole's and her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her blouse, and her nipples were rock hard. He looked at her legs and noticed her pantyhose were missing as well.

Jerry's cock was beginning to tingle and he could feel it swelling. While Maureen looked at his application Jerry tried to nonchalantly reach in and position his cock so the head would be pointing at the opening of his fly so as his cock hardened, (and it was getting hard quickly) it would come up and out of his trousers....hopefully to Maureen's approval. Maureen faked a little sneeze moving her finger up to her nose. Then she let her hand slowly trail down her breast, making little circles around her nipple causing it to get harder if that were possible. She even began to roll it between her thumb and forefinger as she asked more questions.

By now Jerry's cock was as hard as steel and standing straight up from the opening in his trousers. Maureen paused for a moment and looked at Jerry's eight inches of hard cock standing out from his open zipper. She smiled and began running her fingers over his thick shaft as Jerry closed his eyes. Taking a chance Jerry raised his hand up and cupped Maureen's left breast and began to caress and gently squeeze her breast. While still asking questions that Jerry had stopped answering, Maureen opened her blouse all the way, pulling it out of her skirt and pulling it open exposing her gorgeous tits for Jerry to caress.

Jerry leaned forward and started kissing and sucking her nipples as Maureen leaned back and moaned softly. Still stroking Jerry's massive cock Maureen pulled up her skirt and told Jerry to take a look. Jerry could only smile and lick his lips as he watched Maureen run her hand down her bare pussy and ease a finger between her creamy lips. She moaned and smiled bringing her finger up to his lips. Jerry took Maureen's finger into his mouth and tasted her sweet sex. Jerry went back to sucking her nipples as Maureen neared her first orgasm. Maureen rubbed her clit as Jerry sucked her nipples flicking them with his tongue and chewing on them till she arched her back and started cumming over and over.

After Maureen collected herself she looked at Jerry's large cock. "Mmmmmm, I love that big cock....I bet it tastes good too." "Give it a taste then, I don't mind." Maureen smiled and unbuttoned the top of his pants, and pulled them down around his feet. Then as Maureen was about to take his cock in her mouth there was a knock at the door. It wasn't a regular knock was like a code or something. Maureen told Jerry it was ok and to hold on a sec. She went to the door and asked, that you Hon?" She smiled at the response form the other side of the door and opened it quickly as Stacy stepped in. "Am I to late?" "No....we're just getting started...come on in."

Stacy walked over and gasped when she saw Jerry's eight inches standing at attention. "Wow, what a beautiful cock." "Come on Stacy....I'm nearly one orgasm ahead of you." The two women laughed as Stacy got undressed. "You don't mind if Stacy joins us do you Jerry?" "Stacy?" "Sure...the more the merrier I always say." Maureen laughed and went back to swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Jerry noticed that Stacy had much smaller breasts than Maureen, but then she was a petite woman. She had nice perky tits and hard nipples....very suckable. She had a nice blonde bush, that was trimmed. She got down and parted Maureen's legs and started kissing and licking Maureen's pussy.

Maureen's moans of pleasure felt so good as they vibrated through Jerry's cock. How lucky could a guy get...watching one hot woman going down on another during what was supposed to be an interview. Maureen began stroking Jerry's cock faster and faster as she deep throated him. She sucked his cock like a human vacuum, as his balls slapped against his legs. Stacy was really sucking Maureen's pussy and slipping her fingers inside. Maureen was beside herself as she tried to suck his cock and cum at the same time. Jerry felt his balls tighten up as his cum rushed up his shaft. Almost as if she knew he was cumming she pulled his cock from her mouth and aimed his cock at her tits. Jerry groaned and spurted his huge load all over Maureen's tits.

Without missing a beat Stacy started licking up the gooey mess as Maureen pulled her face into her chest. Jerry's cock was still hard he was so turned on. "Jerry....why don't you stick that beautiful cock in Stacy's pussy while she's cleaning up your mess." Jerry took his cock and rubbed his huge head up down and Stacy's ass to her pussy causing her to moan as he eventually slipped it into her tight pussy. Jerry held onto her hips as he started to pump her hot pussy as Stacy brought Maureen off from sucking her tits. Maureen positioned herself so she could finger herself as she watched as Jerry buried his cock in Stacy's pussy. By now Stacy was moaning and cumming over and over again telling Jerry to cum on her ass.

Maureen maneuvered around between Jerry and Stacy, and positioned her head between them. Then as Jerry's cock appeared from Stacy's pussy she would run her tongue along his creamy shaft while she eased a finger up his ass. Jerry had never felt anything like that before, and the sensation of her tongue licking his shaft and her finger in his ass made him explode. He pulled his cock from Stacy's pussy just in time to cover her ass with another huge load of cum. Maureen spread his cum over Stacy's ass and the two of them licked her ass clean. Maureen had Jerry lay back on the big sofa while she and Stacy licked Stacy's love juices from his cock. The two of them licked and sucked his cock, sharing the fun of making Jerry rock hard one more time.

Jerry sat up with his legs spread wide as Maureen lowered herself down onto his eight inches of manhood while Stacy maneuvered herself on top of the sofa as she lowered her creamy pussy down onto Jerry's face. As Maureen rode Jerry's cock, Stacy rode his tongue. Jerry shoved his tongue as far up her pussy as he could till his jaws ached. He licked and sucked Stacy's pussy and clit making her cum over and over again as Maureen cheered him on. Unable to keep her balance from cumming so hard, Stacy got down and watched and fingered herself as Maureen humped Jerry. Finally Maureen got off Jerry's cock long enough to go over to a table in the center of the room and lean over it. Jerry knew exactly what she wanted.

Jerry stood behind Maureen for a moment, admiring her very sexy ass. Maureen's ass was nice and round, but not fat by any was perfect however for some hot anal sex. With his cock already being well lubed Jerry penetrated her ass without difficulty. Jerry started out slowly, and soon he was pummeling her hot ass as she moaned and told him how good it felt. Stacy wanted in on the action as well so she got behind Jerry and spread his cheeks and started running her tongue up and down his crack making him moan loudly. When Stacy penetrated his ass with her tongue Jerry once again was pushed over the edge. Jerry filled Maureen's ass with his final load.

Afterward everyone spruced up and cleaned up and Maureen shook Jerry's hand saying he was hired, but not as a sales person.....oh no. He was the new Human Resources Manager Trainee, and he reported directly to her for all his training. And of course Stacy would be a part of his training as well. There would be times during the week that the three of them would be having "Special" meetings as part of his training. "Any Questions Jerry?" "When do I start." " start tomorrow." "And be prepared to work late.....I'm sure we have a "Special" meeting right off the bat." Jerry smiled saying...."I think I'm gonna like this job.